AI in industry – Market reports and videos

Below I have put together a few resources which are meant to inspire and inform about what is possible with AI today and how it affects businesses and speculations about how it will affect world economy at large.

Market reports

First off, the various Deep Learning related summits arraged by ReWork are a great place to meet people involved in the various sides of AI. For the third time I attended such a conference in London this year where the focus was on AI assistants, i.e. voice and chat bots. These conferences are also a good place too see how the AI landscape is shaping and where it is heading. ReWork published this report which summarises well the impression gained: AI adoption is growing fast.

White Paper: Should You Be Using AI In Your Business?

Google and MIT also published a report that gauges how businesses themselves perceive the benefits of AI efforts. This report also enforces the picture that AI pays off and often leads to a competitive edge, at least if you the the word of the respondents.

Machine Learning – The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage

There is no shortage of such reports; O’Reilly has one, albeit a bit dated, here:

The New Artificial Intelligence Market


A highly relevant podcast on AI in industry is TechEmergence.
The podcast consists of interviews with people in the industry at various roles, such as Investors, Managers and Researchers.


For those of you preferring inspiring videos of AI progress, here are a few:

World leader in machine learning and AI, Andrew NG, presenting his ideas at Stanford Graduate School of Business:

And a shorter version:

Even Obama and Merkel acknowledge the importance of data for manufacturing industry


Reinforcement learning can be used to solve extremely complex optimisation problems. Elon Musk’s AI research company OpenAI are rapidly crossing borders of what is possible. Just imagine what this could do for industry in the future: